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    Handling extra information during FileReference response




      I'm having mixed results using FileReference to submit multipart/form-data.  The information I'm sending are parameters username and password, as well as a zip file that's uploaded by the user.  The response I'm expecting is success along with an xml file with data pertaining to the request or a bad response code (http code 400, 401, or 500) along with xml detailing what the problem is.


      In the code I've written when I enter the correct un/pw I get the correct response and the expected xml information (event.data when the DataEvent.UPLOAD_COMPLETE_DATA triggers)


      If I use the wrong password (with everything else exactly the same) I get the expected 401 error.  I don't know how to capture the xml that's returned.  Only HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS and IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR are triggering and neither of those have a event.data component.  To tell the truth I don't know why IO_ERROR is triggering unless it's a false error due to the response from the application.


      Is there any method of capturing the extra information returned with the http response code?