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    Request for documentation


      I am apparently trying to do something that's forbidden in Adobe Flash Builder 4, namely issue a SQLite PRAGMA statement.


      I was hoping to set the case-sensitivity of the LIKE operator to TRUE


      PRAGMA case_sensitive_like=1


      so I could get the advantage of an index on a query using the LIKE operator against a TEXT column defined with the default BINARY collation. The SQLite optimizer won't use an index on such a column unless LIKE has been set to be case-sensitive.


      It would be very helpful to have some additional documentation on the implementation, especially:


      • a comprehensive list of SQLite capabilities that have not been enabled or have been disabled
      • any core functions that have been overridden
      • pragma settings used
      • anything related to Adobe's Unicode-processing of codepoints in SQLite TEXT columns
      • which SQLite function(s) are used to compile SQL statements and other decisions that affect the SQLite query optimizer


      I don't need documentation on the Adobe proprietary extensions -- just need to know what's possible/not possible/different with this implemenation in terms of "vanilla" SQLite functionality.