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    Color matching problems in flash


      I'm using a flash panorama player to create a panorama with embedded video. The video is green-screened over a background clipped from the panorama to theoretically allow it to merge seamlessly with the panorama. A demo is viewable here.


      The problem is that the panorama image and the video have a different color tone when viewed in the flash player. When I take a still from the video and compare it to the panorama in Photoshop, the colors match. Also, when played in Quicktime (the file is h.264), the color seems to match with the panorama. It is only in the flash player that I am experiencing these issues. My view is that it is a color profile issue, but I have no profile on the image, and I don't know if the video embeds a color profile or not. Green-screening was done in FCE. If anybody has more experience with these issues, I would appreciate your help. The tour is a demo, so there are a few issues with the total quality. I can handle most of the other problems, but this one has me stumped.