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    High CPU usage in IE8 or Firefox 3.5.x when viewing a published project

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      I noticed this for some time but because I had bigger problems to solve I ignored the fact that when I view a published project (.swf file), the CPU usage jumps to about 80-90% in the browser that is viewing the project.


      This problem is not specific to one computer. I have noticed this on several computers, different OS's (Vista 32, XP 32, Windows 7 64), different versions of Flash (9 and 10), and different browsers (IE8, Firefox 3.5.5).


      My published project can be left in the background, without any active flash processes occurring except for awaiting the Next (slide) button to be pressed.


      Further information:

      - Projects created in Captivate 4 (latest update)

      - Problem occurs when running the project from a local hard drive or from Adobe Connect Pro


      Has anyone else noticed this problem?