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    Unable to open .ACSM file in Digital Editions on intel Mac OS X


      I am on an intel based Mac running OS X and have recently purchased an eBook for Digital Editions.  I had previously purchased a Digital Editions format eBook and had no problems with it, and am currently able to view it in Digital Editions.  I have downloaded the .ACSM file for my new eBook, however, when I attempt to assign the file to open with Digital Editions, the Digital Editions program window opens, but no activity concerning my new eBook occurs, and all that is listed is my previously purchased eBook.  I have also attempted dragging the .ACSM file directly to the Digital Editions program window, as I have heard that this works on occasion, but still nothing.  I have only ever installed DE version 1.7.1 and have no previous editions that would need to be uninstalled.  Any ideas?