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    mx:HTML weird problem.


      We are building an AIR app with a web browser using the mx:HTML.


      On this html control we surf over internet and so far it was working very well with all kind of of webpages (with-without flash, ajax,.. or anything else.)


      But we have one very weird site that we just cannot load in the html control, it is http://www.homestead.com this site works (no perfectly...) on iexplorer, firefox, safari etc. but not on the webkit mx:html.


      So I built a mini standalone browser in AIR with mx:control, you can easly build one following http://www.riacodes.com/flex/webbrowser-in-air-with-flex/. (I attach the BrowserTito example for this..)


      This new built browser also has problems related to this specific url, when the page starts to load it stops and the reloads it again. So far we have used firebug and other methods to try to see if this page is not working because:


      a) some unsupported components that this site is using, and the mx:HTML (WebKit version   34190) doesnt support.


      b) bad coding on the the javascript-css3  onload events.



      The visual effect-result is that I see screenshot  1.png, then 2.png (reloads) then again 1.png and then 2.png and so on...


      does anyone have the same problem or any suggestions?


      we dont know what else to try.      : )   Thanks!!




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          Just tested in my AIR browser and got the same problem. When I tested the site in Safari I got:


          Oops! We're sorry, but you appear to be using a browser that's incompatible with our SiteBuilder software.

          Our SiteBuilder software works well with Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have one of those browsers installed on your computer, you can simply use it to reopen Homestead.com and begin your free trial.

          If you don't yet have Firefox or Internet Explorer, they're easy to get, and fast!

          Download Firefox

          Download Internet Explorer

          Thank you. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we think you'll be pleased with the results!


          I think their code could be at fault don't you?

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            Luis84693 Level 1

            hi scholarpark,

            could you repost? Is just that I couldn't see your entire answer, thanks a lot!!!