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    Upload not working in Windows

      When using the FileReference in Flex 2 final, I get an IOError followed by an HTTPError 403, when trying to upload using Windows. It's the same for Internet Explorer and FireFox. However, it works great on a mac, using both Safari and FireFox. I can't find any information regarding this problem. I am not sure if this is related to Flex 2 or the actual player, due to it's platform difference.

      Can anyone confirm that file upload is working for Flex 2 Final, and Flash Player 9.0.16.
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          mquickform Level 1

          So after spending a life time trying to debug the tcp flow from windows to the server, I was giving up.
          And then comes my colleague and finds this direct in google.
          We are running a pretty tight ship on our server, and we've installed mod_security, and it was blocking
          the stream... read more below.

          As found in some post somewhere:

          There is an issue with http error #406 that seems to be a result of mod_security and Apache. mod_security can scan post requests, and as this Flash post header for the FileReference object is missing a ":"-sign (this is what the server administrators says at the web hosting company I mostly work with) mod_security will block that request with a #406.

          I have access to two accounts at this web host (oderland.com), which both uses an application with a Flash image upload feature. On one of these accounts, which is hosted on a server without a post request scan, this feature works like a charm. But on the other one, which is hosted on another server where the post request scan is active, this feature gets the #406 on every try.
          log2e said on Feb 26, 2006 at 5:51 AM :
          As for the #403 and #406 errors, try to create an .htaccess file in your root directory with:

          SecFilterEngine Off
          SecFilterScanPOST Off

          This solved the problem on my server.