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    Bookmark vs. Separate Topic?

    notv4me Level 1



      I have a very large project (3200+ topics) and am looking at ways to reduce the size of the project to make it easier for the team to open and close the project, faster Get Latest Version All, report running, etc. One of the ways that I was thinking about doing that is taking all of the individual topics we have for definitions of words and compiling them into one guide with bookmarks for each term.


      But I'm not sure if that would help at all, are bookmarks treated differently from topics? I don't want to waste time doing this if it won't benefit the project. This is a continually growing project, we probably add 30-50 new topics annually.


      In case you are wondering, we have 160 definitions that I would look to condense into 1 or 2 (maybe A - M and N - Z, or similar) with a bookmark to each term for linking directly to the term in question.


      Thanks for any advice or guidance you could provide.


      - Warren