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      I'm working on my second captivate movie, and I realize the IMPORTANCE OF completing A PLANNING Document. Does anyone have a good resource for a storyboard?

      I have seen many different types, mostly with different number of squares in rows or columns. Not very helpful. Instead of a storyboard, does anyone know any concepts I can use to get started?

      The content that I am developing is how to use a software program. Thanks.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Larry

          ahhh yes, planning! Just like building a house, it's a good idea to have a plan.

          I'm sure others have different methods, but I'll outline what I do. Basically, I use a very loose variation of a script. I just jot down what I want to accomplish. Then sit at the computer and work my way through the process. This will reveal missing or messed up steps.

          If you are a storyboard person, you might try downloading a template from a site called "SonnyBoo". Click here to visit SonnyBoo. It's a site for independent film makers. There are some downloads at the link.

          Or, you could create a blank Captivate movie. Create some blank slides and use the Printed output to create some Storyboard pages that you can print to use to storyboard your project.

          I'm guessing that there are many more ways of planning your projects. Hopefully what I've outlined here will give you a start. Maybe (hopefully) others will chime in to say what their approaches are.

          Sincerely... Rick
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            arellar1966 Level 1
            I guess we all do have different methods of creating a storyboard, and maybe mine is not the best way. I record a prototype... I record me doing the process. I adjust from there. I think it's very effective, in my case, because after I get the basic process down, I add the script into the notes. I then publish it to a Word Doc to send to my supervisor for review. When she clears it, then I record the audio. While she is reviewing it, I am working on some of the timing issues, including highlights and captions. It seems to work... unless she comes back after it is all done and tells me I need to add or subtract something!