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    Generate and rasterize Flex3 Charts on J2EE server


      I'm fairly new to Flex. I have an application I'm working on that has need to schedule chart creation on the server-side and send them out via email attachments. The application also needs to have full featured charts that the user accesses via a Flex client in a browser. The rub is, I need those charts to look the same, or nearly so. Would it be possible to use AIR to generate charts to pngs on the server using similar MXML or Action Script code to what is run on the Flex client? We are looking at using BlazeDS with Tomcat as the server. The business logic is in Java.

      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as this is part of a proof of concept, and I would really like to see this written in Flex. It's mostly a client application/RIA, but the feature to generate charts (as part of a report) when no one is logged in, is mandatory.