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    Pop-up menu feature and IE issues


      I am using Firework MX 2004, Version 7.0 Build 288, to create drop down menus using the “Pop-up Menu” feature. The pop-up menus that I create work great in Netscape and Firefox, but fair in IE 6.0. The pop-up menus appear under certain elements such as select boxes in IE 6.0. I have read and tried some of the solutions on Blogs in regard to setting the z-index in div tags, but to no avail. Any help or work around would be greatly appreciated! Unfortunately, the huge company I work at switched from Netscape to IE 6.0 as the corporate platform, and I don’t have the patients to upgrade Fireworks if that is the solution. The last time I upgraded from Fireworks 4 toFirework MX 2004 the Macromedia Tech Support area had to e-mail me special registry entries for the product registration to work, and it took a very long time. I still have the emails to remind me of the pain. Thanks William!