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    Flash Image clickable?


      On website telemundo.com you will see a big flash screen and on right 4 small flash images in a small box. How do they make small image clickable to another page?


      Also how do they have square follow image?


      Anyone can assist that would be great!



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To make an object clickable to another page you treat it like it is a button and assign code to it to got another page when clicked.


          To make that square follow can be done a couple of ways.  One way is to have it built into each movieclip so that when you move the mouse over it tells the current movieclip displaying it to hide it and the movieclip you rollover to display it.  Another way is to have one square that relocates to which movieclip/button is being rolled over and stays there until another tells it where to go.