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    Upgrading from CF Builder Beta I to CF Builder Beta II


      I'm a new ColdFusion developer, and I inherited a computer that had one of the Betas for CF Builder already installed - I'm pretty sure it's CF Builder Beta I - because it looks like it was last used in August, '09.  The problem I'm having is this - I've tried to launch CF Builder Beta I, but I get the following message when I try to run it:


      "Your evaluation period for CF Builder has expired.  Thank you for trying CF Builder."


      I've downloaded CF Builder Beta II, and tried to uninstall Beta I - and then install Beta II - but I keep getting the same message.  I'm running Windows XP Pro, and I've uninstalled Beta I from the control panel, before trying to install and run Beta II.  I've also tried uninstalling it from the executable in the "uninstall" folder.  Each time it says the uninstall finished, but it was unable to remove several of the eclipse and configuration related files.


      Does anyone know what else I need to do to get Beta I off of my machine so I can run a clean install of Beta II?