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    help with pe 7 capture pixellation?


      i'm new to premiere elements 7 & am trying to eliminate small pixellations.  I'm using this setup:

        dual core 2.6 pentium/4gb/upscale video/7200sata2 HD that's nearly empty/pci-express firewire

        canon hv20/mini-dv  hd camera


      in premiere elements 7, it controls my tape if I choose get media & then dv camera, but

      doesnt' recognize anything attached if i choose get media & then hdv camera


      about half my 30 minutes of a mini-dv tape gets captured, but about half with pixellations displayed

      on the right side of the frame.


      if i continue as just a 'dv' camera, the 'capturing source' shows as microsoft and I don't see how to change it.

      if I start a new project; and choose ntsc/hdv; I don't know whether to choose

        1080/interlaced or

         720 / progressive

      but either setting seems to lead to the same minor pixellation


      I don't see a way to tell the project setup that I have a canon hd camera ...


      i'm hoping there's a way to capture w/o pixellation with the current hardware.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you are trying to capture HDV, is your project set up with HDV settings and your Device Control set to HDV?


          You've got some strange stuff going on that defies easy explanation. If you're having no luck capturing with Premiere Elements, try these two, free capture utilities:


          For capturing DV footage, try WinDV.


          For capturing HDV footage, try HDV Split.


          Both programs can be found easily with a Google search, and the files they capture over FireWire are perfectly compatible with Premiere Elements.


          But if you're having problems with these programs also, you may need to look a bit deeper for a solution.


          (You don't say what operating system you're using, but go to Windows Update and ensure you have even the optional updates and make sure you have the latest Quicktime, which plays a key role in any video editing.)