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    Gateways and Layout Guidance?


      I'm wondering if there could be some additonal Flex material included to explain the usage of Gateways and Layouts. I am having some problems with the MediaPlayerWrapper Flex container. Currently, I am adding the wrapper to a component that scales the stage 100%. I am having issues adjusting the ScaleMode of the of the wrapper, in that the only reliable way of displaying media is using Scalemode.NONE.  Any of the other scale modes do not center the content in the component, and place it off to the left and off stage a bit ... while ScaleMode.NONE works great.


      Now, about the Gateway. I'm not understanding the usage in a Flex application. Is the MediaPlayerWrapper the gateway? And if so, how do use LayoutUtils for fullscreen options? In the Desktop AIR example, there was metadata being retrieved from the gateway that the media was assigned to. Is MediaPlayerWrapper the gateway? Does it have default metadata, or do I have to add metadata to it? Maybe I am misunderstanding the usage.


      I think it would be very beneficial to implement better documentation and examples for the Layout classes, and really, what you can do with the MediaPlayerWrapper after it's been added to the stage.


      Maybe some simple clarification would suffice? I really enjoy using the framework, and I'm currently developing a media player for a fairly large client. When the site is up, I'm sure it will be a great showpiece for OSMF