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    Why is mx:Box not resizing?


      So I have a custom popup component based on mx:Box and this custom component has a treeControl in it.  I want the popup to be no more than 150 pixels in height if nothing is in it but it can expand to a maxHeight of 300 if the datagrid contains a lot of data. I can't seem to get custom:CustomPop to expand or increase size if I do this <custom:CustomPop height="150" .  And if I try this <custom:CustomPop (no height set) then the custom:CustomPop is always 300 pixels in height.  I tried to invalidateSize on custom:CustomPop when treeControl happens in the treeControl but that doesn't work either.  Sorry deadline approaching and no sleep equals can't think straight.




      <custom:CustomPop height="150" maxHeight="300" width="350"> //.......extends mx:Box

           <s:Group height="100%">



                          <treeControl height="100%">







      TIA, J