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    Text buttons in a data list?

    paulpangrazzi Level 1

      Is it possible to create a series of text links in a datalist? If not explicitly in the UI, can this even be emulated by creating text buttons and attaching them to the datalist?


      In either case, I'm not able to achieve this. For example, when I create a text button and add it as an item to be included in the repeating objects, the editable text column in the datalist disappears (which I suppose I can understand) but the end result is a repeated button whose label is exactly the same every time it's repeated. In other words, when I change the text of one, all of them change.


      I'm trying to create a data list where different headlines are hyperlinks with hover states. This seems rudimentary... I must be missing something?

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          paulpangrazzi Level 1

          Just trying to bump this. I don't know if my question is confusing, or the answer is so obvious no-one feels like replying. Could it actually be the datalist doesn't support links? Anyone?



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            Nate B.

            It's not yet possible to draw links from a data collection using the Catalyst UI.  The closest solution I was able to come up with for Fc is to set a "Go to URL" interaction on items in a list, so:


            Select your list, then

            Add interaction > On Select > Go to URL > Enter your url > When a specific item is selected > then chose the corresponding item #.


            Of course, that solution is better for fixed content or prototyping.  For full data binding and support of dynamic sources, Flash Builder is the best solution.



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              paulpangrazzi Level 1

              Nate, thanks for the answer. In retrospect, it's a correct answer... FC currently does not support this feature.  I can't seem to give you a "helpful" AND "correct" flag. You're stuck with "helpful" only.