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    Batch process, scale image, change canvas size

      I have many gif images which I want to resize to a maximum of 72x72 pixels (keeping the ratio), regardless of their current size. I then want to modify the canvas size to 72x72 and change the canvas colour to white.

      This is how I thought it could be done:

      I created a new document and did:
      a) Modify > Canvas > Canvas Size (set to 72x72, anchor centered)
      b) Modify > Canvas > Canvas Color (set to White)
      In the Frames and History panel, I selected the 2 entries (Crop Document and Canvas Color), clicked the Save steps as a Command icon to save as "White canvas 72x72".
      Now, from Batch Process...
      1) select my files to process
      2) select my processing options:
      2a) add Scale - Scale to Fit Area, Max width 72, Max height 72
      2b) add Command "White canvas 72x72"
      3) select my output directory, then Batch

      All I get is gif files which are 72x72 and white canvas but the original image is missing.

      If I omit step 2b, the images are shown and resized appropriately but the canvas isn't padded out as required.
      I even tried adding a step 2c) select Export: GIF Adaptive 256 but still get the same result.

      Am I doing something wrong?

      Thanks for any help.