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    Need help shape tweening between imported Illustrator objects


      I'm very new to both flash and illustrator, so please bear with me. I got a whole bunch of .ai files from DeviantArt and I want to shape tween between them in Flash. The only way I've managed to import .ai files into Flash and keep them as vectors is the following:


      Select the shape in Illustrator

      Effect > Pathfinder > Merge

      Copy/Paste from Illustrator into Flash


      If I try to import the .ai file directly into flash, it doesn't seem to keep it as a vector. Now, when I copy/paste one shape into one frame, insert a new blank keyframe somewhere further down the timeline, and paste a different shape into that frame, I can't shape tween between them (the option is greyed out when I right click between the two keyframes).


      Any other ideas?!? Thanks!

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          carl schooff Level 3

          you can only shape tween shapes.

          ai might be giving you groups, movieclips or drawing objects.

          select your art in frame 1. Look at the properties panel. Does it say "shape" up top?


          If no:


          now with your artwork selected go to modify -> break apart.

          repeat until your artwork is filled in with a white-dotted pattern.

          now you have a shape.


          do the same thing for artwork in the final frame of your animation.


          should work.

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