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    Swap image states don't work with export to PDF


      I designed a navigation bar for a website I'm prototyping.

      I created "State 2" for each button on the navigation bar and applied style changes.

      I made slices of each button on the nav bar.

      I then selected the "Add Swap Image Behavior" option to choose "State 2" to display onMouseOver.

      I added "Link" information to each button on each page.

      I verified that the behaviors and links are consistent on the "Master" all the way through each page of the design.

      When I export to PDF, the links function correctly, but the "Swap Image Behavior" does not. When I roll over a button, the style does not change when viewing the document in Acrobat.


      The PNG and PDF files are attached.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!