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    Acrobat Reader 9.1.x freezes after startup




      Our Acrobat Reader is having problems on some machines during startup that it completly freezes after startup.


      I've traced this with procmon and have seens that a certain file "sharedEvents" is trying to to somthing buth it is hanging on

      lock - unlock. Killing All process of Acrobat Reader and deleting this file and then re-starting the program isn't helping because it keeps 0 kb and the mentioned behaviour is trying to do something with this file.


      the file can be found in %appdata%\adobe\acrobat\9.0


      Our profile's is redirected , it is working for most of the users but some users are having this problem.


      Can anybody tell me what Acrobat Reader is doing with this file and is there a work around to initialize everything back again so the

      user can startup the program normally so it is not freezing after startup without having to remove and install it back again ?


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