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    "Press ESC" won't go away


      I see this has been asked in a number of places with no answer, but I'll try again ...


      Config: Flash Player Opera 10.10 or Firefox 3.0.5 (same result, and others asking the same question cite the same result in IE8). Windows Vista Business SP2, 64 bit, with latest updates. Toshiba Tecra A10 with 4GB RAM.


      When I go into full screen mode, the message "Press ESC to exit full screen mode" never goes away. And as I say, identical problem in Opera and Firefox.


      And likely related, when I pull up Flash settings, I can't do anything. The settings box displays, but no click anywhere does anything at all. Can't even change tabs. Can't close it.


      I suspect a permissions problem, but where? Someplace I should allow Flash to write? Of course I could be off base entirely.