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    Problems starting up in Illustrator CS2




      I've been using Illustrator CS 2 for three years without any problems. Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing problems when starting up the application.


      The issue

      When I open the program it loads up as normal. At the start options screen when I select open document the program freezes and no dialogue box appears. To unfreeze the program I have to press escape. I can get round this by dragging the document onto the program but when I finish working on the document and go to save the program freezes again. if I try save as the same thing happens.


      Things I've tried to fix the problem

      • Reboot the computer
      • Uninstall and reinstall program (worked the first couple of times but problem came back)
      • Uninstall the entire CS2 standard suite including license information
      • Uninstall all Adobe software from the computer
      • Run anti virus software (nothing found)
      • Run anti malware software (nothing found)


      I've run out of ideas and my IT department are lost as to the problem. Can anyone help?