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    Dropdown menu removes TOC when loading PDF

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      RH8 HTML

      Hi all,


      I've added a drop-down menu to my webhelp project with a list of PDFs.

      The user selects the PDF from the drop down menu and click Go.

      This loads the PDF, and it works fine.


      The only thing is the TOC is gone when the PDF loads in a browser, this happens in IE, FF and Chrome.


      The Index, Content, and Glossary buttons are present (all top navigation) but noe respond to clicks.


      If I create a plain html link to the same PDF(s) it loads within the topic pane and all other TOC navigation remains and works.


      Any ideas? This is the HTML code for the menu.



      <form name="myForm" action="" style="width: 305px;">
      <select name="jumpTo" class="SmallText" size="1" style="width: 190px;">
      <option selected="selected">Select version...</option>
      <option value="../36.pdf">Doc 36</option>
      <option value="../35.pdf">Doc 35</option>
      <option value="../34.pdf">Doc 34</option>
      </select>&#160;<input type="submit" value="View" class="SmallFormField" onclick="parent.document.location.href = myForm.jumpTo[myForm.jumpTo.selectedIndex].value; return false"
           style="width: 57px;" />