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    Recording time seems to slow

      I am currently using Adobe Captivate 2 and when I am on our schools e-Learning website (D2L) the screen shots don't match up with the mouse clicking. When i preview it in Captivate it will show the correct pages but the text boxes will be on the wrong page (a lag time seems to be the issue, because the text box shows up on the page before it should) Also i have noticed a couple of times it deletes a screen shot, and just leaves a blank white internet explorer page.

      Any information in regards to this will be helpful, if you need a screen shot to get a better idea of what i am trying to explain I would be happy to emial that to you.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          An upgrade to Captivate 3 might solve at least a part of this - but having said that, the problem is almost certainly the same regardless of version. Captivate snaps a shot of the background anytime it (Windows) senses a trigger action (called an actionable "Event" in Captivate). Generally, the "event" is the clicking of the left mouse button.

          The problem is that when capturing from a slow connection, the mouse-click causes the snapshot before the change in background has completed "rendering" to your screen. That is the reason for the blank shots ... nothing has been deleted; in fact, the blank screen shot is an image of the background caught in the middle of rendering the new background picture.

          The answer to the problem is usually two-fold. First, do your clicking smoothly and deliberately, and second, use "manual capture" in addition to the auto-captured images taken by Captivate. That is, keep one hand on the mouse during recording, and the other over the "PRTSCR" keyboard key. And listen carefully to the sound of the "camera" indicating a successful screen capture, so that if it seems to have come too early for the screen-background change, you can press the PRTSCR key to manually create another capture after the "automatic" one.

          Remember that deleting extra (unneeded) slides is simple, but capturing missed shots (rerecording) can be quite a chore. Always use manual capture as a supplement to the auto-recording feature in Captivate, especially when capturing from a slow connection.

          ~best of Captivate to you!