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    Merging swc into swf file in Flex 3.0 and Flex 3.4

    Shivik Level 1

      Hello all


      I have a weird thing going on. I am trying to compile a Cairngorm swc into my swf file. I am doing so from command line using the mxmlc command.


      Now here what I am doing....


      mxmlc -include-libraries "./libs/cairngorm.swc" -output "webroot/public/MainPage.swf" "./src/MainPage.mxml"


      Now I have created a FLEX_HOME environment variable to point to the flex library I want to use.


      • When FLEX_HOME points to Flex 3.4 SDK, the swc file gets included in swf.
      • When FLEX_HOME points to Flex 3.0 SDK, the swc file DOES NOT get included in swf. I know this for a fact because the size of my swf decreases in this case.


      Why is this happening and how can I solve it?


      With best regards