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    Random Question (CS4)

    pebalsamo Level 2

      I had a client drop 600 photos on me last night to put into his video.  Yes 600!  The deadline for his video is today so we are not doing anything special with the photos just basically a slideshow with some goofy transitions between some of the photos.  Anyway, the only request that he had was that they were random.  These are all photos from his sons little league football team and have just the original name from the camera, so when I bring them into Premiere they are in order by their name.  I know that I can go through the bin and Control Click them randomly and drag them into the timeline, but I was just wondering if there is a faster solution out there that I am not thinking about.


      Thanks for any help...



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          Phil Griffith Level 2

          Recently, I bought a program called Pro Show Gold by Photodex. It's a good at making slide shows.

          In it, you can randomize the slide order. Also it has self generated motions (zooms, rotation, and pan) and different transitions between slides. Only thing I didn't like was that there isn't an alpha channel so I can have transparent background. But I apply blue background and apply blue screen key in premiere when I put it on my timeline. I think its around $70 dollars. Makes it nice when you have a lot of photos to work with and short time schedule.

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            pebalsamo Level 2

            We actually have Pro Show Producer here and I have only used it once.  Maybe I will check it out and see what I can do with it...




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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              (Who the heck is going to watch a 600-photo slideshow?!?!)


              About the only way within PPro that I can think of would be to switch your bin into icon view, set the thumbnails to the smallest size, maximize the bin by pressing the "~" (tilde key, next to the "1"), and then start randomly dragging individual photos and groups of photos around in the bin. From there, you could use Automate to Sequence.


              Or... here's a better idea:


              1. Download Renamer and install it.
              2. Launch the program, and drag your files into the "Drag Your Files Here" pane.
              3. Click in the "Click here to add a rule" pane, and go to the "Serialize" option.
              4. Click the "Random" radio button, set the length to "3", click the "Unique if Possible" box, and set "Insert where:" to "Prefix". When done setting those, hit the "Add Rule" button.
              5. You'll now see in the Files pane that the files now have a random three digit number at the beginning of the filename. Hit the green "Rename" button, and you'll end up with totally random filenames. When you import them into Premiere now, you can sort by filename, and the files themselves will be random as well. Now do the Automate to Sequence, and whammo! Shouldn't take more than two minutes
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                pebalsamo Level 2

                Thanks a ton Colin,


                I am going to download that and give that a shot...




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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Especially with that quantity of stills, I'd make sure that they are resized for the Video. For SD, this would be just a bit larger than 720 x 480. The ideal size, to keep overhead low, but still allow for pans on zoomed-out images is 1000 x 750. I resize in Photoshop, and Automate>Batch a resizing Action, that also adjusts the PAR of each image. These go into a Resized folder, in my Project's folder hierarchy.


                  If your source stills are at the camera's recording size, this ARTICLE will give you tips on automating the resizing.


                  Colin's method for display of the thumbnails is a good one.


                  FWIW, I'm working on a "slideshow" with 2000+ stills, 100's of .MOV's & .AVI's, and about 300 Titles. Now, it spans 4 DVD-5's, but PrPo is doing a great job w/ 21 Sequences now.


                  Good luck,



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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    You're welcome, Phil. Renamer is a great little app--I use it all the time for stuff like this.


                    For reference, here's how you need to set things up (there are, of course, different ways to do it, but this is fool-proof):




                    Compare the "Name" column and the "New Name" column; I sorted on "New Name" so you can see how it will effectively randomize the originals.

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                      pebalsamo Level 2

                      Thanks Hunt,  I had already resized them.  I just made them 20% bigger than the 720x480.  That gave me a little bit of room to do some small zooms on a few pics, but I am not going to take the time to do many....  We still have quite a bit of work to do to the rest of his video.  This guy i scompletely unorganized and of course it is a LAST MIN project...


                      I have done other big projects lilek what you are working on but I have more time than a couple of hours to finish everything.






                      I am already done with the renaming and it worked perfectly.  Thanks a bunch....




                      Thanks everyone for the help...



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        I had already resized them.  I just made them 20% bigger than the 720x480.  That gave me a little bit of room to do some small zooms on a few pics, but I am not going to take the time to do many.


                        Excellent! I just wanted to throw that out, in case you had not done so yet.


                        PrPro can handle image up to about 4000 pxls. in the largest dimensions. However, many of those will bring even a stout workstation to its knees, and I feel that the resizing algorithms and controls are better in PS, than in PrPro.


                        You are ahead of the game and good luck,