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    RH8 + WinXP - whnjs.htm listed in broken links - crash


      RH8 + WinXP.


      I am working on the Help topics for a web-based application.  I inherited this project from another contractor.  The other contractor used RH6 to create about 300 topics, each topic in a dot htm file.  He also created an extensive TOC.


      Each htm file is named according to a file-naming system set up by the original contractor.  The system uses upper- and lower-case letters and underscores.  For example:






      I started with RH7 and recently upgraded to RH8.  At some point, the "all lower case for Unix" function was activated and all Help topics were renamed.  I was able to restore all of the topic files from version control but all of the files generated by RH were also affected and the table of contents and the appearance of the Help display was affected.  I have been working to restore the table of contents and just today noticed that the whnjs.htm file was located in the Broken Links list.  When I right-clicked on the file name in the list, RH8 instantly crashed and the interface disappeared off of my monitor. I was able to restart RH8, as usual, by clicking the icon on my toolbar and I don't see any other problems caused by the crash but I still see the whnjs file in Broken Links and the TOC is still a mess - no book or page icons, frameset is a different color, etc.


      What can you tell me about the whnjs file and what should I do now?  Thanks.