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    A style question, and a Cairngorm question!

    andrewthorp Level 1

      Style - When I draw on a component with a backgroundColor, why can't I see it?


      Cairngorm -


      Sometimes I want to use the result directly in a module that I am showing on the screen. For instance, when I query the server for a group of items in a category. However, I can not add an event listener to the cairngorm result in the module (view) itself. Is the appropriate way to achieve this:


      1) Dispatch my Event

      2) In the result, populate an arraycollection with the items from the category (using a setter, so I can dispatch event)

      3) In module, listen for said event

      4) Populate tile from this eventhandler


      Is this correct?

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          For the style issue, might be a timing issue, such that the background is rendered after the drawing. Maybe post simplified yet "complete" code that exhibits the issue?


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          Greg Lafrance

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            andrewthorp Level 1

            Well it's pretty simple:


            <mx:Canvas id="mainCanvas" backgroundColor="0x000000">



                           var g:Graphics = mainCanvas.graphics;

                           g.beginGradientFill( GradientType.LINEAR, [0xffffff,0xffffff], [1.0,0.0], [0,255], verticalGradientMatrix( 0, 0, mainCanvas.width, mainCanvas.height );

                           g.drawRect( 0, 0, mainCanvas.width, mainCanvas.height );






            If I remove the backgroundColor, I can see the gradient. If I leave backgroundColor, I can only see black.