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    Resizing Text

    ytlevine Level 1
      In MX 2004, in the text window, you could type in a size in between one of the sizes listed in the drop box.
      When I try that in D11, it won't work.
      Is this a bug?
      Any suggestions?
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          Level 7
          Works for me on Windows XP under D11, in both the Text window and using
          the Text Inspector.
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            Hm - on Mac it still works here (MacOs 10.5.3 - Dir 11.0.0.r430 - ink. TextPatch) inside the TextEdit Window - but not on stage, because the Textmember loosing his focus while clicking inside the FontSize Popup to use/type a value witch is not listen in the popmenu.
            Also unable to set two styles, like "bold" and "italic" -regardless of using
            the Texteditor or clicking on the stage for editing.

            As for me - i'm stil waiting for an bugfix-update ...