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    Using a script to fill out a template


      I'm working on a script to fill in an InDesign template I've created. The template consists of 8 text frames, each with a logo placed as an in-line graphic. What I need the script to do is to add text it has gathered after the in lines after the logos. The text frames will all be identical, so I've been trying variations of:


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"


          tell active document


              tell active page


                  tell every text frame


                      set paragraph 2 to label_info


                  end tell


              end tell


          end tell


      end tell


      It seems like the problem is in getting InDesign to even recognize the text frames so I can work with them. Eventually, I will also need to set paragraph styles and export a PDF of the document, but I'm just trying to figure this out one step at a time for now.