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    Newbie: How to use InDesign with ASP.Net site?

    cheluto2 Level 1

      I'm a total newbie with InDesign, and have been tasked with developing a sample ASP.Net mini app to figure out if we can use InDesign to replace Quark in an existing site.  Here are the details, and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction to get this going.


      I will have InDesign templates available with text and image placeholders (can be one or many of each).

      I need to create an ASP.Net web application where:

      - Users can select one of the available templates

      - Enter their own text to plug into the text placeholders

      - Upload their own images to plug into the image placeholders

      - Preview the resulting document on the screen

      - Click a button to generate a PDF version of this document and view/save it.


      It sounds simple, and I'm sure it is, but I can't find detailed information on how to do it and, since I'm completely unfamiliar with InDesign, I'm a little lost.  I know ASP.Net, I just don't know where to start to use InDesign Server (or client, I don't know) from .Net code.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

      Thanks in advance!!

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          Brainloaf Level 1

          Drop me a line. We just built such an application. I'd be happy to discuss licensing.

          Mike Rogers



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            Vijay Sahu Level 1



            I have the same requirement. can you provide me the sample code?




            Vijay Sahu

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              Brainloaf Level 1

              I will not just post my code. If you are interested in seeing a demo and licensing the code, please contract me. In the meantime, I will be happy to get you started in the right direction.


              You'll need to write javascripts to control indesign server. I suggest you check out the PDF file of getting started scripting with indesign server. Then use the supplied ExtendScript Toolkit to write, run and debug your javascripts.


              Then once you have a javascript that gets the job done, the easiest way to integrate asp.net (or any other c# for that matter is to use the RunScript webservice call that exists in indesign server. If you launch indesign server with the "-port" switch it will listen for SOAP requests. Launch indesign server with this command line "-port 12345" and it will listen on port 12345, then create a normal web reference in Visual Studio to create your proxy classes.


              Finally, submit your javascript to the RunScript command of the web service, indesign will process and you're on your way.