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    Unable to apply effect to ColumnSeries




      Am trying to add columnSeries dynamically when the user selects from a comboBox.

      when the user selects an item in the combo, the columnSeries displays but no effect is applied to it. where as any other subsequent requests the effects are being applied. I have no idea whats going wrong here. here is the code .


      protected function drawColumnSeries(dataCollection:ArrayCollection , columnID:String):void{
          var cs:ColumnSeries = new ColumnSeries();
          var tempColumn:Array = new Array();
          cs.id = columnID;
          cs.dataProvider = dataCollection;
          cs.displayName = columnID;
          cs.yField = "percentage";
          cs.xField = "label";
          cs.setStyle("showDataEffect", slideUP);
          tempColumn = columnChart.series;
          columnChart.series = tempColumn;

      private var slideUP:SeriesInterpolate  = new SeriesInterpolate ();


      private function slideUPEffect():void{
      slideUP.duration = 1000;
      slideUP.minimumElementDuration = 200;
      slideUP.elementOffset = 0;


      This code is working fine when the user selects items starting from the second. but the effect is not applied for the first item.

      any idea ??