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    Flex RIA - possible for large scale system !?


      Hi All


      i am currently evaluating and studying the feasibility on Flex in order to replace our CMS (Clinical management system) which written in ASP many years ago. Actually, after the prototype phase, i feel great when using Flex with BlazeDS as the backend data service that work prefectly on the WebLogic app. server. These 2 products work very closely and the performance is great with AMF remote service and messaging mechanism.

      However, i have to decide whether i will go for Flex for our system revamp within next week. And i got a bit scare of using Flex to replace our existing CMS that expected to serve nearly 20 hospitals, est. 20000 txn and 40000 - 50000 requests per day. So i finally come up with following question:


      1. Is Flex suitable for such large scale system ? are there any successful stories that any of u heard ?

      2. I evaluated many of Flex development framework (Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate, Parsley, Swiz)). i finally picked "Mate", PLEASE ... any comment from u all Flex experts !?

      3. are there any Advanced Rich Text Editor for Flex, the native Text editor come along with Flex SDK is NOT strong enough for our reporting feature (table layout, insert image and symbol) ?

      4. As i tried, the date controls in Flex don't support to mark specified holiday with different color ? some reference on the Web would use mx_internal, is that the only way to deal with this issue ?


      Thanks Deeply .........