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    AIRIntrospector not working in Eclipse/Flex plugin

      hi all-

      I am trying to debug my javascript. I have an AIR application and am running it inside Eclipse with the Flex plugin. My application main file is mapit.mxml. It uses a mx:html widget to grab map.html. Inside map.html is the javascript I want to debug, so I put in the <script type="text/javascript" src="AIRIntrospector.js"></script> inside map.html and copied the AIRIntrospector.js into my src directory.. When I debug mapit.mxml, I keep getting the followign error message no matter what I do:

      You need to include AIRIntrospector.js in your application sandbox.
      at file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/cindy%20bishop/My%20Documents/workspace/authoringTo ol-v2/bin-debug/web/AIRIntrospector.js : 1908

      am at wit's end.. I HAVE included the AIRIntrospector in the sandbox havent' it? merely by copying it into the dev directory??? what the heck is the right way to use this debugger, please?