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    PProheadless.exe error on Vista 64-bit computer

    deb1992 Level 1

      We're running PPro CS4 on Vista 64-bit computer.

      We have PPro on one harddrive, cache on another harddrive and our project on a 3rd harddrive--all are either internal drives or Esata drives.  They all have plenty of free space.

      When we try to export our project in Adobe Media Encoder, the project gets partially completed then we get the PProheadless.exe error.  We even tried breaking the project into multiple smaller projects with the same results.

      I've seen on other posts suggestions and have tried the following,

      • Direct X is up to date
      • Windows Updates are current
      • Nvidia driver is current
      • Adobe updates current
      • Java updates current
      • Quicktime current
      • Cleaned the media cache database
      • Disabled virus scan & updates
      • Disabled screensaver

      What else should we do to get this to work?