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    server side validation of livecycle forms

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      I am receiving base64 encoded pdf file with form within as an input to an LC process. Is it possible to determine, if the form is valid ?


      The goal is to be able to write single validation script, which can be ran on both client and server and to be able to catch validation error messages on the server.


      processFormSubmission seems to be very close to what I need, but I need to e.g. read .pdf from filesystem and make different routes for (in)valid state.


      Is it possible in some standard way ?


      Thanks for any advice.

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          Or maybe, one workaround could be, that there will be some hidden field in the form, which would say, if it is valid.

          Then on some event (perhaps on validate on whole form) there could be a check, if this hidden's value holds actual state of form validity and if not, it would be switched. It may not be a good idea to set the value all the time if the form should be signed (I don't really know, how this works).


          Then on server, the only validation would be reading of this hidden field.

          For me it should be good enought, what do you think about this, are there any hidden gotchas ?