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    D3s camera RAW support


      Anyone heard when there will be an update for D3s RAW support?




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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Are you sure 5.6 RC doesn't support the camera (at least "unofficially")?


          In any event, Camera Raw is updated 3-4 times per year (for free) and the current ACR 5.6 RC is prolly about to be released...if ACR 5.6 DOESN'T have support then you are looking at 3-4 months...which would be less if Nikon took the trouble to seed Adobe with cameras.


          Which could ALL be avoided if Nikon offered DNG as an option–which would mean the current version of ACR (and any version going back to ACR 2.4 in Photoshop CS) could open the new camera format...but of course, people will lay the blame at Adobe for not supporting the camera even though it's the lack of any standards that forces Adobe to actually decode the new file format for support.


          That answer your question?

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            DanBellyk Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Jeff, I'm hoping for an update in a couple weeks especially this being a popular Pro body, still is frustrating though!

            I ended up ordering Capture Nx 2 so I could work with my RAW files.



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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              Have you downloaded RC 5.6 from Adobe.Labs.com? (considering that the note lists the Nikon D3s as one of the supported cameras).


              Kinda points out the lack of substance to your complaint (or comment) regarding D3s support, don't ya think?

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                DanBellyk Level 1

                Thanks Jeff, tried doing a search and did not have any luck, I was hoping it was something I missed.

                I tried doing a update on Bridge and it said all was up to date as well as CS4 any thoughts??


                Again thanks for the help

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                  John Joslin Level 6

                  Just download the ACR 5.6 update linked at the top of the forum page and install it aaccording to the instructions!

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                    q38 Level 1

                    I've been using 5.6 with Photoshop and Bridge for my D3s.  It decodes the matrix, but is dark and contrasty.  If you set Bridge to "Prefer Embedded" the colors look OK, but when you open an image it jumps to darker as the bad profiles take effect.  Unfortunately I have a wedding that I have taken on the D3s, and use Thomas Knoll's edge extender which only works on DNG, so the Nikon software is not acceptable.  At least I can debayerize with 5.6, but may need to do my own calibrations.  I appreciate that Adobe gave us what they had as a public beta while they are working on the refinement.

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                      DanBellyk Level 1

                      Working fine now

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                        q38 Level 1

                        If you use 5.6 public beta to open D3s NEF, here is the correction I have found to make it the same as a D3 image.


                        In my workflow the images are opened gamma 2.2 AdobeRGB, but everything else linear (zeroed straight) which looks very dull before processing.  The values given are relative to that, and represent how the D3s is being interpreted.


                        First the image needs to be brightened by a straightline curve ending on 200=255.  Given the gamma 2.2, this is almost exactly one f stop, 2x, too dark for the D3s.  Black level and contrast are the same, probably linear in the raw data.  If you open normally, you will need to brighten by almost one f stop AND decrease the black offset proportionately.  Note this one stop darkening also means there is less in the hightlights before rebrightening.  It is really as though the Nikon digital data was shifted by one bit.  Maybe they did what Adobe PSD files do.  As you know, a 16 bit Adobe PSD file is actually 15.001 bits.  Pure white is neither FFFF (16 bit) or 7FFF (15 bits) but 8000, just one step above the limit for 15 bits, in a 16 bit PSD file.


                        Color temperature is calibrated the same as the D3, but cross colors are different.  This is the matrix to use to (approximately) make a D3s image opened in 5.6 beta look like a D3 image:

                        R= 110%R - 5%G - 5%B

                        G= 17%R + 85%G - 2%B

                        B= 100%B

                        This implies Nikon has a green bayer filter that discriminates against red much stronger, but a slightly weaker red bayer filter.


                        I'm waiting a few days before processing the wedding, if the revised 5.6 isn't released, I'll deliver with these values, but the DNG files will have to be reburned later for my bride's archive.  Adobe, please hurry!

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                          I am using the Beta version of ACR 5.6 so that I can open my D3s's  raw files as well. Everything functions, but ever since installing the beta plug in, my applications randomly stop responding multiple times per day... and force quit won't work. And work that I am doing and saving in other functioning programs is unnoticed once I (force shut down) and restart my computer (Mac Pro).  Could this be because of the beta plug in. PLEASE HURRY ADOBE. I want to enjoy my D3s fully.

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                            Jeff Schewe Level 5

                            carriesan wrote:


                            Could this be because of the beta plug in. PLEASE HURRY ADOBE.



                            It is highly unlikely that the RC of Camera Raw 5.6 is doing anything to your system to cause problems in other applications...if Photoshop and/or Bridge are crashing, the odds are you have other problems...as an RC (release candidate) 5.6 has been substantially tested already before being released.


                            If you want help troubleshooting your problems, you would do better starting a new thread and being sure to include all basic info such as cpu, ram, system, updates, etc.

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                              q38 Level 1

                              The raw converter should be running and crashable only when called by a program such as Bridge or Photoshop, also after you have saved a file, it shouldn't disappear in a crash, this is interesting.


                              Here is a workaround.  Convert the NEF files to DNG and work with DNG.  I deliver DNG to my brides anyway because it is more archival than NEF, obviously.  There are two problems.  First, the new Adobe DNG converter crashes on a MAC, so I have a PC to do the conversions.  Second, the color problems will be baked in, so you would have to rerun the conversion after the final version of 5.6 for the archive.  Adobe releases each DNG converter in parallel with each ACR, and it is free.  With DNG you can open the new cameras on all older versions of Adobe code.


                              If you work with DNG you can run Thomas Knoll's Recover Edges (Google "thomas knoll dng recover edges") to find it as freeware on Luminous Landscape.  Yes, Thomas is the original inventor of Photoshop)  When you process a D3 raw file, Recover Edges "releases" 160,000 pixels around the edge that are normally hidden. That isn't a lot, but it often saves a finger or nose from being chopped off, and more pixels is always good.


                              This is pure speculation, but looking at the lead time between beta and final for the last few releases of ACR, the golden 5.6 should be any day now.