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    Help with the Flash Form

    fiveflightsup Level 1



      Can someone please provide some insight into creating a form similar to the one in the link below.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciateed.



      (You'll need to to click on the "Send to A Friend " link to see what I'm referencing.



      Thanks in advance

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          I'm guessing that you mean the animation of the input textFields and the labels for those textFields. Here's my guess:

          1. Create the static textField for the label and put it in a movieClip so that you can attach mouse events.

          2. Create the input textField in a layer below the label layer. Put this textField in a movieClip.

          3. Use a mouse event, the mouseUp event,  to animate the input textField clip down to expose it when the user clicks on the label clip.

          4. Use a key event, the tab key, to animate the input textField up and remove, or hide the label clip.

          5. I'm guessing that there will also be a test in the input textField clip to be sure that the user has actually put some text into the input textField.


          Alternately, you could use masks to show and hide the various textFields.