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    Director imposes maximum line length for text?

    onefiftymph Level 1

      I'm trying to learn Director again after years away and so much has changed. I can't find the answer for this after searching. To the best of my knowledge, I'm using the default installed settings for Dir. 11


      I've been opening and updating old Dir. 6.5 files in Dir 11 and the text gets mangled. Long lines (10-20 inches) of headline text get the right side chopped off. My new movie size is 2560x1550 (for 30" monitor).


      I'm trying to recreate these long lines of headline text (most are 48 pt helvetica x 20 + inches wide, some much bigger pt. size) by typing it in the text panel. This is difficult to describe: After 20 inches of text, according to the ruler, Director begins condensing the whole line, compacting it more as the text panel double-vertical-line expander bar is dragged right and expanded, opening the text field so lines don't break to a second line. Director alters the letter width and spacing of the line more as the panel expander is dragged to the right, basically smashing the line of text flush left more with every increment the panel is expanded right. If the text entry panel is expanded to the full width of my 30" monitor before typing any letters, then all the characters subsequently typed are distorted and compressed as they are typed in.  This occurs with every font.


      What is going on here? How to create  line of live text longer than 20" that Director doesn't smash together?







      Mac OS 10.5.8 / MacPro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon / 6GB ram / 30" Apple Cinema Display / Director 11