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    Whats Wrong

      I keep getting an error saying

      1180: Call to a possibly undefined method myFunction. line 38

      I think my code is scripting correctly.. but can someone give me a second opinion? This is for my Computer Programming Concepts class...

      package {
      import flash.display.Sprite;

      public class MenardCH3 extends Sprite

      //Declarations of variables
      public var myBool:Boolean;
      public var myString:String;
      public var myCosine:Number;
      public var mySqrt:uint;
      public var mySub:Number;
      public var myRad:Number = Math.PI/180;

      public function MenardCH3()



      public function myFunction():void {

      //Assign values to variables
      myBool = false;
      myString = "I am using a function to assign and trace variables.";
      myCosine = Math.cos(135*(myRad));
      mySqrt = Math.sqrt(49);
      mySub = 192-263;

      //Tracing command
      trace("The value of myBool is set to " + myBool);
      trace("The string is set to " + myString);
      trace("The cosine of 135 is " + myCosine);
      trace("192 minus 263 is " + mySub);
      trace("The square root of 49 is " + mySqrt);