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    Search within Portfolios




      I'm using v. 9.2 and I have created a large portfolio with over 40 items. Thing is, if I create several folders within that Portfolio and then I try to make a search within a given folder, the "search entire portfolio" is greyed out and checked (meaning I cannot uncheck it). This means that the search cannot be limited to the folder I'm in, but to the entire portfolio. Of course, I can open any given item and search within that item, but that's not what I need. I would need to be able to make a search within a given folder of the portfolio (and not the entire portfolio or a single item of the portfolio). I don't think this should be difficult to do as Acrobat Reader allows you to make searches within given folders. But for some reason this does not seem to be implemented for portfolios... unless I'm missing something, that is.