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    cfindex: path attribute issue

    The Albino
      I am currently trying to index a network directory recursively so that all of our HR files will be in a verity index. This way a user could just search for "benefits" and view all related benefit documentation that were placed in the HR hierarchy. The issue occurs when trying to specify the path attribute for cfindex. The files are stored on a network drive, so that ideal path would be: "\\hrdata\documents". We do have an IIS mapping so that if you want to our intranet and typed " http://#ourintranet#/documents/" you could reach any file. If I do a cfdirectory action="list" or try to use cffile with the network paths, everything returns correctly so I know that CF can see the propper mappings. However, when I run the attached code it does not index any documents. Does anyone have any ideas? I have been working on this for quite awhile and I am really stumped.

      Thanks in advance:

      Currently we are using CF MX 7.02 with Hot Fix 3
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          I know that lucene (sp?) works on a unix implementation and you can find some information over at coldfusionjedi.com, but are there any other possible solutions you can use? I am unaware of how you should proceed short of contacting the K2 (or whomever owns verity now).