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      I use the 3.2 edition. My problem. In the Photo Well and My Scans the photos are in my desired sequence. I clicked on them in that order to make a CD. When I played the CD on a regular CD player, the pics came out in a random, scrambled order. I put it on my computer and played it in the Windows Media Center and they appeared in the proper sequence.WHASSSSSSSSSUP. Please help.

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          The CD player probably plays the files back based on the file name; the video version that plays back using Windows is a video file, and has been burned according to the order of the album/collection, so that's why they could be different.


          Try going into your album, and renaming the files (there is a command in Photoshop Elements to do this; may be one in Starter Edition, too), then copying them back to cd; that might rename them in the same order as what they are in the album/collection, and might solve the discrepency.