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    Button controlling movie clip is jsut for show

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      Hey i have a setup where there is a column on a online magazine. in this column will have pictures diplayed in it, when you mouse over it i want it to expand and show more information about it, text. i make this column expand via making it a button and using some "roll in" "roll Out" code controlling a movie clip. the problem is, i have additional buttons inside this expanding window, so, when i roll over a button the column thinks that the mouse "rolled out" on it so it collapses.

      there is a link to the fla at ......

      first test.fla

      first test.swf


      what do i do? note: there are alot of symblols inside of symboles its not really organized but i dont know how else to do it. Help!
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          You need to use some logic on the buttons to keep track of where you are at. I've created several menu systems along the way and each time you roll off of one button and onto another, the second button needs to keep the first buttons variables in mind.

          For instance:

          If you have one button which has some roll over action on it, you need to set a variable that it is rolled over.

          for button 1
          rolled_over = "yes";

          if(rolled_over eq "yes"){
          don't go away yet, becuase the mouse is still over button two
          else {
          go away now, the mouse moved off of button two

          on button two, you need to keep track of the parent button (button 1)

          button1.rolled_over = "yes";

          button1.rolled_over = "no";
          close this button and setting the above variable will cause button 1 to close also.

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            Hells yea, with a little shifting around the code you gave me does the trick! i took out the "roll out" code for the second button because i dont want anything to happen when you roll off that one.

            thanks alot.

            one more thing, when my mouse is on the column the cursor changes to the button "style" cursor. i don't want the column to be clickable or anything i just want the hit state of it to control the in and out, so , how do i disable that button from being a clickable button, but still keep it a button to control the movie clip?????
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              the quickest solution to your last little problem would be to just switch off the hand cursor so it doesn't appear. on the frame your button sits on just use "buttonname.useHandCursor = false"