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    A0018207 Error


      Not sure what's going on here, but wanted to get down a preliminary discussion before I try any remedies.  I will keep this updated with my findings.



      Closed out Adobe ColdFusion Builder last evening - no issues.  Shut down my computer for the evening, again, without any noted discrepancies with "the norm."  When attempting to launch CF Builder this morning, I'm receiving a small pop-up error message for a program named "A0018207" which states: "The A0018207 executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library."



      As I stated, preliminary at this point.  I've not clicked the only button ("OK") yet.  I've searched Google with nothing worthwhile coming up for "ColdFusion A0018207" or "Eclipse A0018207."  In a search of the Adobe forums, the only thing close that I can find is http://forums.adobe.com/message/2190302 which discusses another "executable launcher" problem, but with Gumbo under Adobe's Flash Builder.


      A search for the executable "a0018207.exe" has turned up only one candidate (exact match on the name) but it is located in a directory under a restore point within the System Volume Information (C:\System Volume Information\_restore-{AABE6867-4DB1-B0CE-2B8D1192C931}\RP71).  Curiously though, Windows has decided to display the file's icon as the blue-box Adobe ColdFusion icon.


      Intersting note - when trying to find the version of CF Builder I am running to place in my "Setup" information below, I brought up CFBuilder.ini in the root install directory for CF Builder.  It reads:















      I wonder if this is the "launcher" in question.  I'll have to do some looking into Eclipse too, I guess.




      Click OK.  I know, sounds stupid - but I like to know what I'm getting in to - not sure with this one.  If I can't load CF Builder or if it comes up, but things aren't working as they were then I'll try a reinstall of CF Builder and see what happens.




      Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Version 2003 w/ SP2

      AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.00GHz

      4GB RAM

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          Jasel_Adobe Level 1


          Clicked "OK."  CF Builder did NOT load.


          Not good.  I will reinstall over the existing installation (without uninstalling).  We'll see what happens.  I'll post the results.

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            Jasel_Adobe Level 1

            The InstallAnywhere application will not allow a reinstallation of CF Builder without uninstalling first. 





            Uninstalling first, then I'll reinstall.  Using a just-downloaded version (coldfusionbuilder_b2_install_win_100509.exe).  Simply overwrote the same which I'd downloaded earlier this week.


            Attempted the uninstall by using the "Uninstall Adobe ColdFusion Builder" link in the Programs menu folder (Start menu) and this little gem popped up:





            Yaaaay!  This keeps getting better and better!

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              Jasel_Adobe Level 1


              Had to uninstall using Windows' Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.  Reinstalled CF Builder and everything appears to be good.  CF Builder kept my RDS server settings (of course the settings are still there! - see this discussion: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/533306?tstart=0).


              Let's consider this one solved, but needs to be checked in to.


              R. J.

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                Adam Cameron. Level 5

                I have got a similar error after deinstalling / reinstalling via the Windows Control Panel option.




                However I'll start a new thread (and cross reference back to here, too).