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    Reader Prints .PDF Documents as Gibberish


      I have Adobe Reader 9.2.0 installed on my laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. When I try and print .pdf documents, they print as all gibberish. I know the reason for this is because I've edited the Windows registry so that almost all the fonts on my PC reference (or point to) the Comic Sans MS font, as I want everything on my PC to use that font. I'm thinking that the reason Adobe doesn't print .pdf documents correctly is that it can't find certain fonts it's expecting to find. I didn't have this problem using Adobe Reader version 8 in Windows Vista because I selected "Print as image" when I printed, but for some reason this doesn't seem to work with Reader 9. At one point, I updated to Reader 9 under Vista, but had to revert back to Reader 8 for the same reason - the "Print as image" option no longer allowed printing .pdf documents correctly. As soon as I went back to Reader 8, .pdf documents printed fine again using "Print as image". My problem is that I don't think Reader 8 is compatible with Windows 7, so does anyone know how I can get .pdf documents to print properly on my Windows 7 PC using Reader 9.2.0?


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