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    A Noob at ActionScript. = D


      Hi all,


      I have Flash 8 (ActionScript 2), and I am makin a little sniper game. I am working on a reloading system, but I am fairly new to actionscript. I know the basics, though I get one error, that when I fix, gives me another error. Here's the code so far...


      The code is applied to a movieclip, that is the game's sniper scope. 'ammo' is the name of dynamic text box.



      onClipEvent (mouseMove) {
      _x = _root._xmouse;
      _y = _root._ymouse;
      on (press) {
        _root.ammo-= 1;
      } else {
        on (press) {


      Any help would be appreciated!    = D