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    Alternate product that will read photo tags


      What Adobe has done is unconscionable. I can't be the only one that had THOUSANDS of tagged photographs that are now useless. Does anybody know of a product that will import and read the all of the metadata so I and the legions of other people can sort and catalog their photographs?

      I uploaded to photoshop.com a couple of test photos and the caption showed up, but the people, place, event etc tags I had created years ago did not.

      Other programs (such as Picasa) will pick up the caption too, but not the tags.


      If anything, is there a way to retrieve the tags so I can at least input them manually in a competitor's product if by some miracle there is a tear in the time space continuum where time stand still and I won't die before I can get it done?


      Granted, what can you expect for nothing?  It is not like they want you to upgrade to a purchased product because no such product is available!


      Bad Abobe!