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    web safe colors

    Big Islander Level 1
      Is it possible to get just web safe colors? I hope this is not a stupid question, but I can't find info about this anywhere.

      Thanks in advance!

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          Big Islander,

          Not a stupid question at all. You can't do this is kuler at this time. If you are using Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, you should be able easily convert an existing RGB theme into its closest web safe color representation. Simply upload the ASE file into PS, or InDesign, or use the kuler panel in Illustrator CS3 to pull in your desired theme. Then pick the individual colors in the theme, and change the color mode to Web Safe RGB. If you click on the out of gamut icon, that should force those colors to their closest web safe equivalent.

          One other (more automatic way) of doing this is with Illustrator CS3. Use the kuler panel (under Window->Adobe Labs) to quickly search for/add your desired theme to your swatches panel. Double click on the folder icon for that saved theme (a color group) in the Illustrator swatches panel. This will open up the Live Color dialog. Find the pulldown icon beside the color slides that says "Limits the color group to colours within a swatch library", and pick the Web color library. This will automatically turn your theme into a web-safe theme, and will show you a color wheel that only has web-safe colors.
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            Big Islander Level 1
            Thank you so much for the quick reply! The conversion is simple enough. Will try it tonight.

            I'm slight red and green color blind, so I need to find colors where I like the shade and need a way to get them to work on the web. My color finding eyes (my wifes) are on the mainland right now so this will help me a bunch.

            Thanks again and Aloha,